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Unleash the Power of Fello Automations


March 26, 2024 written by Fello

The right message, to the right person, at the right time. All automated.

Ever wish your real estate marketing could just run itself? Well, say hello to Fello Automations, your newest team member and marketing super-robot. Imagine sending out beautiful postcards and personalized emails, all without having to lift a finger. Plus, Fello keeps an eye on what's working, so you know your marketing is hitting the mark. It's about making your job easier and letting you focus on shaking hands and closing deals. 

In this blog, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Why did we start Fello?
  • What is Fello Automations?
  • What Makes Fello Automation So Powerful
  • How does it help me get more listings? 
  • Why Real Estate Agents Love Fello Automations


1. Why did we start Fello?

Ryan Young, our CEO and co-founder, built his real estate team into the #1 Large Team in Ohio and the 15th nationwide. Yet, he noticed a problematic trend: his team had become addicted to buying leads, creating an expensive, unreliable database.

Fello was founded on the belief that agents deserve better.  And your database is not a liability, but actually your most valuable asset. So Fello set out on a mission to empower agents and teams with the most powerful platform in real estate. A platform that can transform your old database into a 24/7 sales engine. All on autopilot.


We started with seller lead generation
and discovered there were tons of hidden sellers in your database:

  • Home value emails generated massive engagement

  • We turned buyer leads into seller leads

  • Expanded your brand with custom homeowner dashboards, widgets, landing pages, and
    QR codes.

Then we launched Fello 2.0
to improve conversion rates and identify real sellers

  • Real Sellers in Real-time:
    Identified actual and soon-to-be sellers in your database in real-time, so you can track conversion rates and performance against your competitors.

  • Enhanced property data for better insights:
    Enhanced homeowner data with key real estate data (MLS, tax, public record, mortgage).
  • Intelligent segments and filters for better outreach:
    Allowed users to segment their database by behavioral, property, and propensity data to identify the best targets.

But we knew we had to make it easier.

So we built Fello Automations to make everything one-click.


2. What is Fello Automations?
Your 24/7 sales engine that drives listings on autopilot

  • Boost your listings in one click: Search the list of pre-built automation to toggle on and off the best campaigns for your goals

  • Market like the best with direct mail: Use the highest-performing strategies from top teams to increase leads and listing conversions.

  • Track everything: Know exactly where the leads are coming from and what is working best.

  • Pre-built to save time and resources: Automate strategies to free up time for the tasks that are the highest and best use of your time.


3. What makes Fello Automations so powerful?


Market like the best. In one-click.

Fello Automations streamlines your marketing with plug-and-play campaigns proven at the highest levels of real estate. Just enable an automation and watch the results! But what really sets the platform apart, is its ability to fine-tune to your needs. You have the freedom to tweak the automations by setting specific triggers, choosing different paths based on those triggers, and customizing the content to speak directly to your audience. This means every campaign you run is spot-on in addressing what your audience is looking for.


Smart postcards for more efficient marketing

One of the most consistent requests we get—is can’t Fello just automate and send branded postcards FOR US! Well, say hello to smart postcards. By mixing in QR codes and campaigns backed by data, we can now optimize the messaging and timing of postcards. This strategy not only boosts the effectiveness of your campaigns but simplifies the process, making it straightforward for clients to quickly get in touch with you. Plus, the best part? Everything is trackable. This means you can finally measure the impact of your direct mail campaigns, giving you valuable insights into their success and homeowner behavior. Learn more.


Track your results easily on your Automations dashboard

Fello makes it simple to view your campaign's results and know how well your marketing efforts are doing with its detailed Automation Performance reports. These game-changing reports dive deep into the effectiveness of your automations, using client engagement metrics to give you a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. In addition, Fello pulls in “Real Sellers” data to take things up a notch, allowing you to find more homeowners ready to sell and be alerted in real-time to the leads that actually did list.

All in all, you can’t improve what you don’t track. So Fello wanted to make it easy for all agents to improve their marketing to save time and get more listings!


4. How does it help me get more listings? 

Fello Automations organizes its 20+ dynamic campaigns into three core categories to address every stage of your client's journey:


1) Lead Generation: Kickstart your pipeline by tapping into your network and engaging new leads with precision. It's all about maximizing your database to uncover and convert new opportunities.

Example: Drop-off automation to reengage website visitors who left without taking action or leaving an email. This sequence employs a series of direct mail postcards and re-engagement tactics to enhance the likelihood of conversion. Learn more

2) Lead Nurturing: Advance your leads through the sales funnel with hyper-targeted messages. This category focuses on deepening relationships and guiding potential clients closer to their real estate goals.

Example: Cash offer leads that have expressed interest, Fello will send a sequence of tailored emails and postcards, highlighting the benefits of cash deals, the simple selling process, and personalized call-to-actions. The entire campaign is data-driven in order to help provide the best options at the best time for each client to achieve their goals.

3) Farming: Expand your reach and uncover new prospects with farming automations. Set your criteria and let Fello find fresh opportunities to grow your database.

Example:  'Just Sold' automation for once you sell a property, an automated mail campaign launches. It targets houses near the sold property, especially those not in your database, highlighting your brand and success in recent sales. This campaign is designed to help save you time, get more clients, and expand your brand.


5. Why do Real Estate Agents Love Fello Automations?

Fello Automations is more than just a tool; it's a partner in your real estate journey. It's designed with the understanding that time is one of your most valuable assets. By automating marketing campaigns, Fello frees you up to focus on what you do best: building relationships and closing deals. With Fello, you can effortlessly search and toggle the best campaigns for your goals, use direct mail effectively, track your successes, and save precious time.

Our approach harnesses the power of real-time data to ensure your marketing efforts are not just effective but also cost-efficient. It's like giving the playbook of top real estate teams to a supercharged AI, set to drive more listings! That's Fello Automations.

Ready to transform your real estate marketing strategy? Dive into the world of Fello Automations and watch your business grow.
Checkout our knowledge base articles for more details.

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