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Success Stories

See why elite teams are loving Fello.

    Mark Gellman / The Gellman Team

    "I can't think of a more important technology in real estate in the last 5+ years! An absolute game-changer once you dial in the playbook. It's a lot more than just seller leads...it empowers the agent to enhance their entire relationship with homeowners."

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    Megan Smith / Limbird Real Estate Group

    "48 hours after the initial launch we have had 250+ homeowners ask for a home evaluation and 36 (YES! THIRTY-SIX) people ask for an instant offer for their home. We have set 11 listing appointments from these leads and it's only been 2 days!"

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    Andrew Duncan / The Duncan Duo

    "I'm such a happy client...converting seller lead traffic at a higher clip than anything I've used! It creates way more seller leads for my investing dollar than every other system!"

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    Preston Guyton / EZ Home Search

    "In the first 48 hours, we generated 54 home value requests and 8 cash offer requests, only utilizing my database and Fello!"

    Nick Shivers / Nick Shivers Team

    "In a market full of disruption, one thing is a fact: great agents that understand their markets are the true disrupters! And Fello creates a huge advantage for those agents!"

    Stephanie Atias / The Delia Group

    "Fello has been amazing! Of course they are great at driving more seller leads. But one of the side benefits is that their platform has helped us see where the database clean up is needed and what to prioritize. Totally a selling pitch on its own!"

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