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G.O.A.T. Laurie Reader Shows Us That Building Relationships is in the Details.


May 28, 2024 written by Jamie Muenchen, Community Lead

We live in a “microwave” society where needs can be met immediately and true success is often overlooked due to flawed short-termism. Laurie Reader joined our #30DayListingChallenge webinar series to school all of us (including Ryan) on the details of building relationships that sell and buy with you for years

If not familiar, Laurie is the CEO of the Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real Estate Team, the #1 team in South Florida, and the #40 team in the U.S. She’s been doing this for more than 25 years, and today has a team of 60 agents and a track record of selling more than 1,000 homes every year. 

Watch the full webinar with Laurie, and read the highlights below:

People Work With (and Buy From) People They Trust

One of the key things Laurie went back to again and again during her webinar is that the foundation of her success lies in building trust and understanding her clients’ needs. 

"...[Y]ou could know absolutely nothing about how to get a listing agreement signed. You could know nothing about trend graphics or comparables. If you build a relationship and you build the bridge of trust, you're in. But most people are skipping that piece. They're skipping [...] the most important piece."
– Laurie Reader

Set the Tone from First Contact

Right from go, whether via a phone call or in-person meeting, Laurie’s team focuses on understanding the potential client's motivations and needs.

For example, when an ISA re-engages a lead, the conversation is not just about the house, it’s about the person’s journey. Questions like the ones listed below put the potential client at the center of the conversation (where they should be), and their answers let you know if they’re already looking, where, why, timeframe, etc. 

  • "What prompted you to decide to move?"
  • “If you were to sell your home, where are you looking to move next?”
  • “If you were to move to [neighborhood or city], what would that do for your lifestyle?”
  • “Tell me about some of the recent updates you’ve made to your home.”

Prepare for the Listing Appointment

Laurie advised agents to be up-to-date on local market data, neighborhood trends, and specifics about the property to not only be professional, but also credible. You need to be the expert. Then, Laurie outlined the details she takes to be considerate and not assumptive during the listing appointment (watch the webinar for the full list): 

  • Don’t park in the client’s driveway
  • Step back from the door after knocking and don’t force a handshake
  • Ask permission to enter their home, open closets, etc.
  • Show genuine interest in the property and the client’s story 

Build Trust Through the Home Tour

During the home tour, Laurie recommended asking specific questions about updates, features, and the client’s experiences in the home. This isn't just so you can better understand the property, but it also shows you're knowledgeable about home updates, trends, and values — and that their home is being respected. One way to do this is by finding common ground, whether through shared interests or experiences, to further build trust (i.e. "Oh, we just updated our kitchen, too. We chose Shaker cabinets, but what is this finish, it's really nice...").

Note: If you have not watched the video yet… what are you waiting for? Laurie takes us through an imaginary listing, and the nuance to how she asks questions is masterful. 

Present Data and Close the Deal

When discussing market data and pricing, Laurie’s strategy was to position herself as the knowledgeable advisor. Data should be presented clearly with regular pauses to allow clients to ask questions — or just to check in and make sure they don’t want more clarification or explanation. This helps ensure the clients feel informed and in control. 

When closing the deal, Laurie is respectful yet confident, emphasizing the value and cost of her expertise and ensuring the client knows — and feels — they are an integral part of the process.

"Look, it's my job to [...] bring as many people into your property, giving me the opportunity to tell the story of your property and collect as many possible offers. [...] I told you guys at the beginning: The listing agreement, getting a listing signed, the pricing — for me that's cake. If I've done my job upfront, the close is easy." – Laurie Reader

The Team's Core Values

Laurie’s entire team operates with a set of core values in mind, emphasizing keeping the customer at the center of the process, as well as having a growth mindset, among others listed in the video.

Some of the Laurie Reader Team members attending her webinar attested to the importance of the values to motivate each of them, and maintain that high standard.

Scalability Through Consistency

Despite the large size of her organization, Laurie has excelled in maintaining a consistent culture and approach. Regular training, coaching, and a commitment to the core values ensure every team member is on the same page and able to deliver a high standard of service. Laurie stressed that building a relationship-focused approach to generating buyers and sellers is not only scalable, but will lead to a sustainable business that generates listings for years.  

By focusing on the client, showing genuine interest in what clients have to say, and maintaining high standards of service, agents can not only generate and convert more seller leads, but also create a steady flow of referrals and repeat business. 

As Laurie put it, “Put the work in now and you'll build a big business.” 


You can still join the #30DayListingChallenge to get access to every strategy class with Ryan or the Fello Customer Success Team, every live and recorded webinar, playbooks, scorecards, and more. Join at any time, or watch the webinar series!

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