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Game-changer: Follow Up Boss + Fello Direct Integration


June 5, 2024 written by Tom Schrader, Chief Product Officer

Today (June 4, 2024), I’m excited to announce the launch of our direct integration between Fello and Follow Up Boss CRM and OS. 

The Fello Community is the key to everything we do. We love the feedback and support — so when we received an overwhelming amount of requests from our Fello and FUB users, we saw an opportunity to make things easier for agents, brokers, and teams — and create one of the most powerful integrations in real estate. 

The key ways this direct integration will benefit Follow Up Boss and Fello users:

  • Easier to integrate
  • Better, more complete data
  • More efficient and cost-effective

Let’s dive into the details.

Also, join us live for our webinar with FUB: The Leads are Already in Your Database on Thursday, June 6, 2024!

Hassle-free, easy integration

As a Fello user, our platform is connected to your CRM via technology like Zapier or RealSynch, which are third-party services that connect apps, platforms, and software together to share data, automations, contacts, etc.

While these third-party services are great, they can have limitations. They usually take a few hours to integrate, plus additional time for set up, mapping data, and onboarding, and there are limits to how fully data can sync between the two platforms. 

With the Fello and Follow Up Boss direct integration, it takes about 5 minutes to integrate the CRM with our platform. Plus, onboarding and setup are complete in just a few hours. 

Seamless, more complete data

Now that Fello and FUB are integrated, let’s talk good stuff: The data. 

The direct integration provides a full data sync, meaning:

  • FUB contact data will sync to Fello and vice versa
  • Data syncs automatically keeping it more accurate and up to date. Plus, no more uploading CSVs!
  • Contact activity in Fello like email clicks, postcard scans, form submissions, dashboard views, etc. now syncs to contact data in FUB
  • And you have easy, granular control over which data and contacts sync — just toggle on or off!

Custom sync fields in FUB and Fello integration

The integration provides your team with so much more data, and more complete data. Which leads us to the massive efficiency gains this type of integration offers.

More efficient and cost-effective

With more data and more complete data all in one place, you and your team can work in one platform without switching back and forth to execute. Instant efficiency and productivity gain. 

Moreover, the addition of Fello’s activity data syncing to FUB gives ISAs and LISAs (and everyone) much more visibility into what homeowners are reading, clicking, and requesting. The combination of homeowners’ online activity and offline CRM data being available in one place is essential and invaluable to identifying the hand-raisers.

Next steps

Even if you already have both Fello and FUB, the integration is not automatically in place (our engineers are good, but they are not wizards).

Of course, we're here to help! Just contact our Solutions Team at support@hifello.com, and we'll get back to you ASAP with available dates to schedule an integration. It just takes a matter of hours to integrate, setup, and onboard.

Or, if you're a FUB user looking to supercharge your database with the best-in-class real estate integration and Fello engagement platform, get a personalized demo. 

P.S. More direct integrations with other CRMs are coming soon...stay tuned!

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