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5 Steps to Becoming a Strong Listing Agent with #1 Producing Coach Jeff Glover


May 9, 2024 written by Jamie Muenchen, Community Lead

In case you missed our webinar with Jeff Glover, AKA, mega-coach, CEO of Glover U and Glover Agency, Fello user, and "realtor extraordinaire" (that's a direct quote from Fello CEO Ryan Young), we've got you covered.

Jeff is an active realtor out in the field, and also leads a 34-person team out of Detroit, MI that lists anywhere between 75 and 115 homes per month. That's more than 2 homes per month, per agent. In this webinar, he shared his team's 5-step process for winning listing business.

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5 Steps to Becoming a Strong Listing Agent with Jeff Glover

Jeff's 5 Steps

Watch the video to get the full content so you can understand and execute these steps!

  1. Create content that communicates your unique value
  2. “Understand that my sales skills will be my number one asset in listing property.”
  3. Delivery and presentation styles (not presentation scripts)
  4. Five touches from appointment set to appointment gone (technically six…)
  5. Send a physical pre-appointment package – email doesn’t count!

More Tools from Jeff

Text "Morning" to 55444 to sign up for a daily text message from Jeff specifically about listing and selling homes! Daily motivation to transform your business. 

Also, visit Glover U for tons of free resources like scripts, business plans, and checklists, or download the Glover U app, available in the App Store and on Google Play.


You can still join the #30DayListingChallenge (you can join at any time!) to get access to every strategy class with Ryan or the Fello Customer Success Team, every live webinar, playbooks, scorecards, and more. 

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