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Make Sure You Have Everything Ready With This Moving Checklist


September 15, 2022 written by FlashHouse

You've made the exciting decision to relocate and have found the ideal home. Now it's time to start making plans for your big moving day!

A moving checklist is great for keeping your sanity during your moving process and ensuring you have all you need for a relaxing first night in your new home. Read on for great tips on organizing your move.

Planning for the Big Day

It can be easy to get so excited about a relocation that you want to jump into packing immediately! Below is a list of things to take care of before the packing and moving day happen. 

Your Current Home

If you are renting your current home, review your lease agreement. You will want to pay particular attention to how notice is given to the landlord. For example, where is it sent, and how much time is required for notice?

Also, find the section on security deposits and what is required for a full refund. Review for any cleaning or repair requirements. When can you expect your security deposit to be returned?

Do you own your current home? If you are selling, you will need to make sure the timing of closing and your move-in date is closely matched. Otherwise, be prepared to also plan for temporary storage.

Many homeowners are discovering the ease of using an agency that purchases your home directly. This saves time in hosting open houses and preparing for constant visits. In addition, it eases any financial worry about having to pay two mortgages until your current home is sold.

Prepare A Budget

In addition to costs associated with closing on your new home or deposits for a new lease, additional moving expenses are needed. Here are some suggestions for figuring out your moving budget:

  • Transport expenses
  • Cleaning services
  • New furnishings
  • Temporary storage

Your transport expenses will include the cost of a professional moving company, a DIY rental truck, and/or hiring individuals to assist with transporting your belongings.

If you are moving to another country, you will also want to consider if you will be transporting a vehicle. Factor in the cost of the transport and compare it to the car's value. Is it more cost-effective to sell it?

A professional cleaning service may be worth the investment for preparing your home for new residents. This is particularly important for final walkthroughs in which a security deposit may be on the line.

Will you want to update your furnishings to match the style of your new home? Sometimes, people's furnishings are too large for their next home. Make sure to take measurements to decide if you will need new furniture.

Temporary storage is helpful if you plan to upgrade your new home, such as painting or flooring, which is necessary if closing dates do not match your move-in date. 

Move Method

If you have decided to use a professional moving company, now is the time to check on rates. Also, ask specific questions about insurance and packing services.

Get your dates in order and reach out to friends and family that may be able to assist in the weeks ahead and on moving day.

Packing Supplies

Moving companies typically supply packing materials. However, if you are doing the move yourself, start shopping for boxes and supplies needed for securing your items. 

You can also check with local stores and schools to get boxes. Speak with customer service at stores or check loading docks. School cafeterias receive multiple deliveries weekly and may be willing to save boxes for you.

Yard Sale

A yard or garage sale may save you lots of money on storage. You can also recoup some of your relocation budget by selling furnishings you will no longer need.

Check with your HOA and local governments on any restrictions to these types of sales.

Give Notice

Once the dates are finalized, it's time to inform others about your moving plans. Here is a list of people and agencies to inform:

  • Your employer
  • Landlord or HOA
  • Schools
  • Post office
  • Creditors
  • Utility companies

Informing these people and agencies early gives you the best chance of obtaining any necessary documents or refunds due to you. 

Moving-in Checklist

Your moving plan will also include final details that will make your first day in your new home an enjoyable experience. Follow these informative tips to make sure you have everything you need. 

Create an Inventory List

Before you begin packing, go through each room of the house and create an inventory list of furnishings and valuables. This list should also include prescriptions and any necessary documents you will need on hand.

Moving companies also create inventory lists, but your personal moving list will be used to not forget items and help with comparing with the mover's inventory.

Label Boxes With Location

Make life much easier for yourself by labeling your boxes with what is inside and where they go. It is very helpful to have everything in their location while you have help, rather than moving and searching through boxes later.

Arrange for Utilities

Call water, electric, gas, and any other necessary utility companies needed for your home's full operation.

If you have children, get the cable set up! It can be a lifesaver on the days when you are busy unpacking.

Overnight Suitcases

Your first night should be a celebration! Make sure to pack overnight suitcases for all family members.

This will save you the hassle of searching through boxes for pajamas and hygiene items. Then, you can relax on the first night and order some takeout!

Clean Premises and Return Keys

Before taking off, you will have final walkthroughs for your old home. Do a final inspection of all drawers and closets to make sure you have everything. Be prepared for any additional cleaning requested by the new owners or your landlord.

Have all keys ready to hand over. This means all entryways, outbuildings, maintenance rooms, and post office keys.

Find More Real Estate Advice

It is so exciting to embark on a new adventure, like relocating! Follow the tips in this moving-in checklist and enjoy your new home.

For more advice on relocating and making your move the best experience, check out our service for selling your home quickly.

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