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We are so excited to announce… FlashHouse is now Fello!


June 3, 2022 written by Fello

New name. Same local values.

As a real estate agent from a family of agents, Ryan Young has always seen the importance of people in real estate. 

His story led us to develop Fello, an agent-led iBuying startup on a mission to make the process of selling a home simple and stress-free for everyone.

Our new model empowers sellers to explore their options — get a competitive cash offer from Fello or list traditionally. All with the guidance of their local, trusted agent. And if a homeowner doesn't have a preferred agent, we can help with that too. Fello partners with the top local real estate agents to help homeowners find their perfect agent.

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Ultimately, we just want people to feel good about every interaction and transaction in real estate.

With our improved platform, you can now compare all of your options side by side with the expertise of a local agent who knows your goals. So you can pick the one that works best for you. We are so excited to have you join us on this new adventure. Fello puts the power in real estate where it belongs… with you.


Why “Fello”?

Fello resonates with us in a lot of ways.

  • A Fellow is a friend, a partner, and we seek to partner with homeowners and agents alike to help them reach their goals.
  • Fellowship is a community of interest, feeling, or experience and we strive to create a community of trust and transparency through every real estate interaction.
  • We were created from the ideas of Fellow agents, and strive to keep their transactions smooth-sailing, while also offering a seamless experience for sellers.

No matter what your goals, we are here to help. Learn more at hifello.com and say "Hello" to a better home selling experience with Fello.


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