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Launching Fello 2.0: Level-up your marketing strategy and drive more listings.



Fello Launches 2.0: The Most Powerful Marketing Platform In Real Estate


August 29, 2023 written by Fello

Fello continues to transform the real estate industry through the launch of Fello 2.0. Already working with 200+ top WSJ RealTrends teams, its latest features provide a breakthrough way for agents to visualize their database and turn leads into listings. With smarter insights, better data, and one-click automations, Fello 2.0 is simply a game changer!

Here are the newest features for agents to stay top of mind and ahead of the competition:

1. Smarter Lead Generation with never-seen-before insights

Fello 2.0 empowers agents with never-seen-before data. Comprehensive insights about an agent’s database create targeted seller campaigns and a more successful team.

1.1. Real Sellers helps you stay up-to-date on all listings in your database

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Identify exactly how many homeowners in your database listed with your team (or another agent). With the “Real Sellers” tool, stay updated with property alerts and visualize key metrics like overall opportunity volume. Analyze closed-won properties and competitor comparisons for insights into how to best improve your strategy.

1.2. Propensity Score identifies motivated sellers to improve outreach strategies


Improve marketing campaigns by using the Propensity Score to highlight potential listings. This score helps predict properties likely to hit the market within 6 months by analyzing property info, neighborhood data, and market trends.

1.3. Gain deeper insights into your database with enhanced property data


Harnessing big data, like consumer behavior, property data, mortgage insights, location intelligence, and more, Fello creates more precise marketing campaigns and helps generate more listings.


2. Visualize your ecosystem in one interactive map and customized lists

Fello 2.0's updated interface was built to prioritize an agent’s workflow. Propensity scores, recent deals, and home values are now readily available on every screen and contact card.

2.1. Map View pinpoints properties on a dynamic map for targeted campaigns


Map view lets you explore markets all at once, gaining instant insights by viewing property details at the click of a button. This view can be used for a variety of activities, such as targeting specific areas for direct mail campaigns or identifying market trends. 

2.2 Segmentation & List View creates better targeting and marketing strategies

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Segmentation enables grouping contacts and properties by specific criteria. This enhances a team’s understanding of the trends and demographics within a database to improve marketing efforts. Craft tailored messages to target audiences, boost conversion rates, and view team performance reports. 


3. Automated Marketing that saves time, cost, and improves conversion

Fello 2.0 allows agents to target the right person, with the right message, at the right time. All on autopilot! Using our vast experience with millions of homeowners nationwide, we use best practices to launch one-click marketing campaigns that truly work.


3.1. Launch more personalized nurturing campaigns on autopilot

Use Fello to create precise segments and farming areas. Our optimized direct mail campaigns work automatically for higher conversion rates, establishing you as the top agent in your chosen market. And the best part, you don’t have to lift a finger!

3.2. Auto-engage campaigns to cut your customer acquisition costs

Fello 2.0 focuses on bringing back visitors who left your site, using direct mail and email campaigns. This smart approach cuts down on external marketing costs and lowers customer acquisition expenses. Re-engaging those who didn't finish forms boosts conversion rates and creates more listings.

Fello 2.0 is a game-changing marketing platform for agents and teams. With its advanced features, including enhanced seller intelligence, automated marketing campaigns, and customizable views, Fello 2.0 is like nothing else in the industry.  It helps empower agents to save time, save money, and improve results in a competitive real estate environment.

Interested in learning more, our team would be happy to provide a demo of all things Fello 2.0:

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