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3 Top Agents in U.S. Share Their Lead Generation Secrets of Success


November 9, 2023 written by Fello

In the rapidly changing world of real estate, success hinges on building an efficient database, holding your team accountable, and using data to improve conversion. In this blog, we present three expert tips from Greg Harrelson, Mark Gellman, and Ryan Young, each offering their advice on how to master the seller lead generation game.

Tip 1: Build a healthy database and leverage it!

"In the next six months, there will be no need for cold calling.  With platforms like Fello, we'll enhance our call lists with valuable context. While lead generation through calls won't disappear, it will transform because of the way will build databases which will have more data and context on each lead we contact." - Greg Harrelson

Quality Over Quantity:
Greg Harrelson's golden rule is to prioritize quality over quantity when constructing your database. Focus on acquiring high-quality leads with up-to-date and multiple contact information for each lead.

Community-Centric Database:
To resonate with your target audience, build a database around specific communities or regions. This tailored approach enables personalized and highly targeted messaging, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Continuous Lead Evaluation:
As a team leader, regularly reviewing and assessing your leads is essential. Tools like Fello, offering propensity scores, and filters to look up engagements(email opens, button clicks) help identify leads needing more attention and fine-tune your strategies for focused and productive efforts.

Tip 2: Hold your agents accountable and track leads!


Precise Marketing Accountability with Fello:
Mark Gellman emphasizes meticulous tracking of marketing efforts to instil team accountability. Utilizing Fello's tools, like personlized URLs, QR codes, and Real Sellers for each agent and campaign, enables the monitoring of every click, scan, and lead generated, providing valuable insights into marketing channel effectiveness.

Streamlined Accountability with Lead Assignment and Process Oversight:
Mark highlights the importance of assigning leads to agents who actively keep an eye on the defined processes. This helps in making sure that everyone knows what they need to do, and all leads are tracked. And, improves the experience for customers, as they have one person to contact, which strengthens client relationships.


Tip 3: Empower your team and convert more listings with better data

“Every partner meeting we do starts by sorting the MLS list with latest data and then going one-by-one on each opportunity we lost. And the first question I have for my team member is - “Did we initiate any conversation with them? And Did we went through our complete follow-up strategy?” - Ryan Young

Lead Analysis for Improvement:
Ryan Young highlights the power of lead analysis, including tracking leads in the market and identifying lost opportunities. Leveraging tools like Fello - Real Sellers keeps your team informed about market trends, leading to better decision-making and the identification of areas for improvement and strengths within the team.

Strategic Team Meetings:
Ryan encourages strategic meetings where team members review lead journeys and past opportunities, and plan their next steps. These data-backed discussions enable team members to make informed decisions, pinpoint gaps, and understand critical conversion process stages.



In the competitive landscape of real estate, following the expert advice of Greg Harrelson, Mark Gellman, and Ryan Young can provide the edge your team needs to succeed. Prioritizing quality leads, fostering accountability, and utilizing data-driven insights are the keys to unlocking real estate success. By implementing these strategies, your team can navigate the challenges of the real estate industry with confidence and efficiency, ultimately achieving better results.


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