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The most powerful platform in real estate.


More leads from your existing ecosystem

Stay top-of-mind with past clients and generate new opportunities by plugging Fello into your existing marketing process. From widgets to landing pages to custom dashboards, Fello instantly creates a more productive top of funnel strategy.


Marketing automations that just work

Consistently engage your database with data-driven marketing campaigns that target the right person, with the right message, at the right time. From automated emails to postcards to farming, we help you segment and propel leads to listings!


Enhanced conversion for more listings

With Fello 2.0, you can now monitor your entire database’s behavior in real-time. Between our Real Sellers tool, filterable lists, and live notifications, you can identify more handraisers and optimize your sales conversion to drive more revenue.


Contacts nurtured monthly


Seller leads generated


Listing volume uncovered

Drive leads on autopilot.

Drive leads on autopilot.

Generate 2X more leads from your website

Easily plug in Fello's interactive widgets, conversational forms, and custom landing pages to your current website to immediately boost conversion.

Turn your old database into new listings

Engage your entire database with proven email drip campaigns to consistently identify more handraisers and nurture your audience.

Expand your brand with next-level marketing campaigns

Harness the power of personalized branding and pre-built marketing automations. Our proven marketing campaigns work around the clock to hyper-target and produce more engagement.

Expand Your Brand-2

Eye-opening visibility to convert more listings.

Eye-opening visibility to convert more listings.

Identify real opportunities in real time

Our exclusive “Real Sellers” feature actively scans every contact from your database to uncover current and future sellers. This feature creates major opportunities to improve your process and convert more leads to listings.

Empower your team. Hold your database accountable.

Assign every contact and watch the magic happen! Fello helps create a more streamlined business that empowers all agents to provide a highly personalized experience for homeowners.

Target the right person, with right message, at right time

Leveraging millions of data points, we allow agents to filter and segment their database in ways never seen before! From behavior data to predictive analytics, create more effective marketing campaigns that produce incredible results.

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See why top teams are loving Fello.

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Sarah Reynolds

Reynolds EmpowerHome Team

"Fello is an avenue for all of you to have more of an impact. We've already closed 21 families and we have 7 under contract in four months."


Lance Loken

The Lance Loken Group

Fello is 14% of our business, and it's doing fantastic. It looks at our data bank and cultivates leads from people who may have worked with us five, seven, or 10 years ago. On average, we're getting between 10 and 15 emails every single day from people interested in selling their homes.


Robert Dekanski

The Robert Dekanski Team

"We get dozens of seller leads a week from Fello. This is hands down the best new tool I’ve added to my marketing arsenal in years!"


Mark Gellman

The Gellman Team

"I can't think of a more important technology in real estate in the last 5+ years! An absolute game-changer once you dial in the playbook. It's a lot more than just seller leads...it empowers the agent to enhance their entire relationship with homeowners."


Levi Rodgers

The Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group

"Fello just pulled a $1.2m listing deep from the world of nurture status in the database! Tons of engagement happening that is essentially forcing our ISA team into conversations they would not have otherwise had an opportunity to have..."


Ryan O'Neill

The Minnesota Real Estate Team

"We love the product! And love that we are actually doing something meaningful with these 100,000 people who were just sitting there getting generic auto emails and texts from our team. Fello gives agents simply an opportunity to have a renewed conversation with someone. And that is all we can ask for really."


Cat Flanagan

The Robert Slack Team

"Fello, has surfaced more listings than we could even imagine! Real Sellers has been an eye-opening feature. It is helping us work towards having a much higher conversion than what we're seeing now."


Suneet Agarwal

Big Block Realty North

"My team loves Fello. It's totally changed the way that we feel about seller leads generation. It's really bringing more opportunities every day."


Tara Limbird

Limbird Real Estate Group

"48 hours after the initial launch we have had 250+ homeowners ask for a home evaluation and 36 (YES! THIRTY-SIX) people ask for an instant offer for their home. We have set 11 listing appointments from these leads and it's only been 2 days!"


Laurie Reader

Laurie Finkelstein Reader Team

"Fello has really really helped us target people that we were letting slip through the cracks. We are now able to use our database at a much higher level and target people that are legitimately raising their hands. Fello is solving that problem for us!"


Jordan Vreeland

Vreeland Real Estate

In just a month and a half, we've secured 5 listings thanks to Fello. Its integration with Follow Up Boss, along with the dedicated support and feedback from Fello, has helped us propel numerous listings.


Wesley Ulloa

Luxe Properties

"I love Fello! It gives me such peace of mind that all of my leads are being followed up automatically and I get notifications when they are ready to sell. My team has already done over $7,000,000 in listings with Fello, and we are only a few months in. I'd recommend Fello to any agent looking to become more listings focused."

Sync with your CRM seamlessly

Fello integrates with the most popular real estate apps, automating your work and allowing more time for what matters most. Now you can seamlessly interact with your leads more efficiently and close more deals.

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White-glove setup. Customized for all sizes.

Our industry-leading customer success and solutions teams make the Fello experience memorable and seamless. 
From individual agents to teams to brokerages, we have personalized solutions and training to make it easy to see success.

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Fello helps agents target the right person, with the right message, at the right time. All on autopilot using it's pre-built automated campaign workflows.



Collaborate, organize, and track opportunities to maximize team success. User activity and behavior are tracked to give your team predictive insights on top opportunities and keep your team accountable at every step.



Get a bird's eye view for brokerages of any size with a fully-customizable platform. Onboard your agents, manage opportunities for all teams, and run automated marketing campaigns to improve productivity.

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