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Please take a moment to finish your offer request for 48 April Drive, East Windsor, CT.

FlashHouse is now Fello!
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Sell your home.
How you want.

Get a competitive cash offer from Fello. Or list traditionally. All with the guidance of your local, trusted agent.


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    Real estate made real easy

    The right guidance

    Step 1

    Request an offer

    Answer a few questions about your home to get started.

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    Step 2

    Review your options

    Get guidance from your trusted agent or we can help you find your perfect agent.

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    Step 3

    Close on your timeline

    If you’re ready to accept the cash offer, pick a closing date and close seamlessly.

    You've got options

    Instant Offer

    Get a competitive cash offer and work with an agent you know and trust.

    • Get a competitive cash offer

      Answer a few questions and get an instant cash offer within 24 hours.

    • Invite or find an unbiased, top agent

      We believe a trusted, local agent is important to support you.

    • Close on your timeline

      Close faster and choose your closing date within 14-60 days.

    • Remove uncertainty

      Eliminate the uncertainty of showings, repairs, and closings.

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    List with Fello Partner Agent

    Partner with your own agent or we can help find your perfect agent.

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    • Explore a traditional sale

      Unlock the potential of what the market has to offer.

    • Focused on your goals

      Discover your home value and how much you can expect from your sale.

    • Top, trusted local experts

      Find your perfect agent based on you and your neighborhood.

    • Performance-verified agents

      Connect with results-driven agents who have been verified by Fello.

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    Agents are the heart of real estate

    We aim to bring trusted local agents to each transaction to provide you with the best advice and options for your home selling journey. At Fello, we value the experience and expertise offered by agents, and we know you do too.
    • 4X

      More satisfaction when working with your trusted agent

    • 200+

      Homes that have been sold with local agents to local homeowners

    • 1,000+

      Agents that are in the Fello network


    Why should agents partner with Fello?

    When you become a Fello Partner Agent, we provide you with the tools to stay ahead of the competition; so you can give your clients the best home selling experience in real estate.

    From instant offers to more listings, remain in control of your ecosystem. Provide the most value to your clients through home value email campaigns, lead management, and customizable comps. And the best reason of all, you keep the listing. So no matter where the lead comes from– you get the listing and your full commission.

    Partner with Fello
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      More Listings

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      Better Options

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      Full Transparency

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      Totally Seamless

    What others are saying


    Wow. I was definitely skeptical. I really didn't think selling your home could be this easy. But Fello was great. I called them A LOT (probably too much) for updates, but they were always happy to help answer my questions.


    Frank E.

    May 11, 2022


    I would recommend this to anyone who wants a stress-free home selling experience. Best experience ever! The Fello team was so nice and helpful throughout the entire home selling process. The best part was all of the stress that typically comes with selling your home never came in to play.


    Victor R.

    April 4, 2022


    Fello has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Fello has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Anything that needs doing is taken care of quickly and efficiently. Everyone has a part and they all contribute their expertise to get it done.


    Gail B.

    February 10, 2022


    I would use Fello again, and I would recommend them to others. Fello made moving for me a stress-free experience. It was excellent not having to show my home. Also, being able to close when I wanted to enabled me to move directly into a new home I had built.


    Andrew G.

    March 15, 2022


    Never thought selling your home could be this easy. Amazing service. They held my hand the entire time and kept their word at every step. Couldn't recommend more!


    Karl B.

    January 19, 2022