Sample script for Cash Offer leads

Below is an example of a Cash Offer Script. Once you get beyond their motivation for selling, it turns into a Traditional Seller Script.

Goals of the seller discovery call:

  1. Gather information from the seller
  2. Identify their motivation
  3. Explain your team's offerings
  4. Make sure to lean into the best program for them based on their motivation. 
  5. Set the appointment

Thank you for inquiring about selling your home with our team. We will provide you with multiple selling options to help you achieve your goal.

Is [Insert Address] the home that you are considering selling?

  • No: What is the property address that you are considering selling? (update property address accordingly)
  • Yes: Fantastic! We’re looking forward to helping. When you meet with our listing partner, they will provide you with an upfront cash offer, as well as an on market list price and our on market backup cash offer.

Ideally, when would you like to have your home sold by? 

  • ASAP: Great! We have multiple selling options to help you with that. 
  • No hurry: Great! We have multiple selling options to help you with that.

Out of curiosity, if you had to chose one option, what is more important to you in the sale of your home? The option of Speed, convenience and certainty or the option of netting the most amount of money? 

  • Speed, convenience and certainty: Fantastic! Our upfront cash offer might be a great fit! We will also talk about what the open market will look like as well. 
  • Netting the most amount of money: Fantastic! Most of our sellers that are looking to net the most, end up choosing our on market strategy. However, we like to provide our sellers with the most amount of options out there and will also discuss our upfront cash offer as well. 

Why are you looking to sell your home? 

  • Any response besides “I just want a cash offer”: Book in person appointment.
  • I just want a cash offer: No problem. Our cash offer programs help sellers who are looking to sell within 90 days. If the cash offer makes financial sense, would you be comfortable selling sometime in the next 90 days? 
    • Yes, they want to sell in 90 days: Great! What I’d recommend is that we get an in person appointment scheduled so that our listing partner can present our upfront cash offer. When works best - mornings or afternoons? 
      • Yes: Book appointment.
      • No: Ok, we can still get you our upfront cash offer. When is a good time tomorrow to call you and discuss the offer? 
    • No, they do not want to sell in 90 days: I can appreciate that. Out of curiosity, what has you looking for an offer on your home if you don’t want to sell in the next 90 days?
        • If it made FINANCIAL SENSE would you consider selling your home? 
          • Yes: Move forward with setting the appointment
          • No: Explain that the Upfront Cash Offer would not be of help.   

Additional questions:

  • Is this a primary residence or an investment? 
  • Tell me more about the house? Have you made any recent improvements? 
  • Are there any other improvements or repairs that you would like to make before you list the property?
  • Do you currently have a mortgage on the property? If so, ABOUT how much is left on the balance? (We recommend saying "about" as it comes off less aggressive on a personal question)
  • What do you think your home is worth in the current market? 
  • What are you looking for in the next agent that you hire to help you with selling your house? 


If one of our selling options is a good fit for you and you’re comfortable and confident with our team’s ability to get your home sold, will you be prepared to sign a listing agreement when we meet on [Appointment Date]? 

  • Yes: Great, we look forward to it.
  • No: Out of curiosity, what would stand in the way?