Sample sales script for Home Value leads

For Fello Home Value leads, see a successful sales script for your team to use when following-up.

The goal is to move the prospect to one of three buckets: 
1. Just curious (Long Term Nurture)
2. Explore Instant Offer
3. Ready to list NOW


Hello [Lead Name],   

This is [ISA or Agent Name] at the [Team Name].

How are you?

I see you recently completed a home value request.  You should have received the valuation - what were your thoughts on it? Too high? Too low? Or just about right?  


Too low

I can appreciate that. With these evaluations, they identify specs of others comps in the area, including bed/bath configuration, lot size, etc, but do not take into account updates, finishes, and overall special features. Out of curiosity, what do you think the home is worth? 

Too high

You may be surprised by what is still happening in the market, even though there are changes. If you could sell it for that much, would you consider it?!

About right

That is great, we are very excited about this new home valuation tool. 


Out of curiosity, what was the purpose of the valuation? Are you looking to buy, sell, or refinance? 

Depending on the answer above, book the appointment! 

If they were just curious

Great! This is one of the most unique markets we have seen! Out of curiosity, if you could sell your home off market (no showings, no open houses, etc..) and it made financial sense, would you consider it?

If yes

Great! We provide all of our clients with an Instant Cash Offer, AND we have several buyers that are looking in the area as well that we can discuss. Let's start first with exploring our team's instant cash offer.. 

If they just wanted to see the valuation

Great! You will receive updated values as the market continues to change. Also, at any point of time, if you want to explore our instant cash offer before you take any steps further in selling your home, you can get that at our website any time!