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How does Engage work?

This article will help you understand how Engage works

Engage is a marketing campaign platform that helps agents and brokers keep in touch with their clients and prospects through automated email campaigns. Once Engage is set up for your account, all of your contacts will be automatically enrolled in the campaign.

The campaign consists of a series of emails that are sent to your contacts over the course of a month. The first email that your contacts will receive is a welcome email, which is sent within one day of setting up Engage. This is followed by monthly home value and market update emails.

For example, let's say you have a team with 3000 contacts. Engage will split these contacts over the course of the month and schedule 100 welcome emails to be sent every day. For every welcome email sent on day 1, Engage will also send a market update email on day 15 and a home value update email on the first of the next month. This process will continue for all contacts until they are unenrolled by the agent or unsubscribed by the system.

It's important to note that Engage will first check the validity of the emails and exclude any contacts with invalid emails from the campaign. Additionally, every time a new contact is added to your Connect account, they will be automatically enrolled in the campaign as well.

The Engage schedule is based on your plan limit, and only enrolled contacts are considered for billing purposes. This means that you will only be charged for the contacts that are actively participating in the campaign.

Overall, Engage is a useful tool for helping agents and brokers stay connected with their clients and prospects through automated email campaigns. By sending timely and relevant information, Engage can help you nurture leads and build strong relationships with your clients.

Please see the example below to understand how engage schedule is generated.