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Guidelines for Custom Domain URL requests

A Custom Domain URL is a custom URL for your company, such as yourcompany.hifello.com.

Prerequisites for Custom Domain URL requests

  • Business or Enterprise plan
  • Account owner or admin
  • A custom domain owned by your organization
    Note: Widely used, generic domains, such as @gmail.com or @outlook.com, cannot be used

Guidelines and Requirements

  • You can save for your custom domain URL by logging in to your Fello Connect account
  • Custom Domain URLs should match your company's domain name. For example: 
    • "yourcompany.com" should apply for "yourcompany.hifello.com"
  • Custom Domain URLs should be at least 4 characters in length (https://1234.hifello.com).
  • Custom Domain URLs should have a maximum 30 characters in length.
  • Custom Domain URLs must only contain letters, numbers, and dashes (-).
  • We reserve the right to remove or change your Custom Domain URL if there is a conflict between 2 companies for the same Custom Domain URL. You will be notified prior to any changes. 

How to change an existing Custom Domain URL

If your account has already been approved for a Custom Domain URL, but need to change it, please contact your Fello Advisor.

The new custom domain URL will need to conform to the guidelines above, and you should inform Fello Advisor if you require the previous custom domain URL to redirect to the new custom domain URL.