Add Personalized URLs to agent email signatures

Encourage leads to enter the Fello journey directly from the signature of an agent's email.

More traffic to agent URLs means even more leads for your team. A simple way to take advantage of the Personalized URL is by linking it to your team's email signature. Each email an agent sends will have a chance of driving a visitor to enter the Fello journey in order to generate a new lead. To learn how agents can create their Personalized URLs, click here.

It is up to you to decide how you want to link the URLs in your team's email signatures and to make the changes within your email service provider. We've included a few text ideas to link the URL to below:

  • Get your free cash offer now!
  • Get your free instant offer now!
  • Click here to see your home's value!

How to copy your Personalized URL in Fello Connect:

Click on Landing Pages from the left side menu and click on the Personal from the Landing Pages dropdown.

Choose the personalized page you want the URL for and click on the three dots. Then, select 'Copy URL'.

In the pop-up, click 'Copy' to save the URL to your clipboard.