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7 Best Ways to Follow-up with Home Value Leads


October 11, 2023 written by Fello

As a real estate agent, getting those precious home value leads is a major thrill. But the real magic happens in the follow-up. Effective follow-up can be the difference between a lead and a listing. 

In this blog, we'll explore seven proven ways to follow up with home value leads:

1. Send the first follow-up within 12 hours

The secret sauce to lead conversion? Timely and personalized communication. The data shows that when you receive a home value lead, don't delay—reach out swiftly. Your initial contact should be warm and personal, using the lead's name.

When: Immediately or ASAP
Who should send: Listing Agent

Hey {lead_first_name}, I just saw that you were checking out the value of your home on one of our websites. I was curious what you thought about the price... Too high? Too Low? Or Just right?! -{agent_first_name} {agent_last_name} with {team_name}

2. Get on a call with them to offer more assistance

When you get a new lead, a good old phone call is the best way to demonstrate a more personalized follow-up. But before you call, make sure you know more about the property and the contact. Details like their mortgage, equity, and propensity score can help you figure out if the lead is a potential seller. 

After all, you don't want to be marked as spam in their phone book. Get started with the following call scripts to follow-ups with your next Home Value Leads: Sample Scripts for Agents.

Bonus: Check out how Fello provides you with all relevant details about your contact’s property and runs a nurture campaign on them, all on autopilot. Learn More


3. Run an Automated text sequence

The first 30 days after you receive a home value lead are super important. To turn these leads into clients, you have to be there with the right message when they need it. Using a text sequence during this time can help you stay on their radar. Here’s a ready-to-use Automated Text Sequence for you.


4. Move to longer-term nurturing strategies

Consistency is key in lead conversion. It often takes several interactions before a lead takes action. Create a follow-up plan and stick to it. Send emails, make calls, or drop a friendly text to keep the connection alive. You want to be memorable, but not overwhelming.

One commonly used follow-up method used by sales teams across industries is the 2x2x2

  1. 2x2x2 stands for two days, two weeks and two months.
  2. Call or email the newly generated lead in the above-mentioned intervals.

Tools that may be able to help with creating & automating the follow-up plan:

  • MailerLite: Pre-built email templates with an easy drag-and-drop editor to create personalized emails for your audience.
  • Canva: Design anything from mailers to email newsletters from scratch or use already available templates.
  • Fello: Automate your entire lead generation campaigns, including personalized email scripts to branded postcard designs
Bonus: 7 Steps for Agents to Leverage Home Value Campaigns on Social Media


5. Provide Value

When following up, give something back to the lead. Share market insights, neighbourhood stats, or tips on preparing a home for sale. Offering useful information positions you as a reliable resource they can trust.

Three ready to share content with your Home Value Leads, Today!
1. Make Sure You Have Everything Ready With This Moving Checklist
2. Best Times of the Year to Buy and Sell a Home
3. Prepping Your Home For Sale In A Very Hot Market

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6. Listen and Adapt

Each lead is unique. Listen to their communication preferences and adapt your approach accordingly. Some may prefer emails or texts, while others favour phone calls. By respecting their choices, you'll build a stronger connection.


7. Use Automation

Harness the power of automation to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Tools like Fello make following up a breeze. It allows you to engage with leads using various methods, from postcards to emails, all automated for maximum efficiency. Plus, Fello keeps track of all engagements, enabling you to tailor follow-ups based on the lead's intent.

Check out the Fello 2.0 blog to know how Fello uses real-time market data to provide propensity scores for each of your properties in your database giving you the intelligence for following up with your lead. And take action using our data and pre-built marketing workflows. Interested to see the platform in action, book a demo today.



Following up with home value leads is an art that can turn prospects into satisfied sellers. Timely and personalized communication, consistent outreach, providing value, adapting to lead preferences, and leveraging automation through platforms like Fello are your keys to success.

Keep these strategies in your real estate toolbox, and you'll be well on your way to converting those valuable leads into loyal clients. Happy following up!


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